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The Goldbergs and Dr. Ken!

A set tour of The Goldbergs and Dr. Ken! Eeeeeeee!!! Giant backdrops, stairs that lead nowhere, walls on wheels- I never tire of going behind-the-scenes and seeing how TV magic is made.

dr ken, television, hollywood, abc, asian-americanIt’s fun to visit our favorite characters’ homes— sift through their closets, see what’s in their fridge… and looking at all the studio equipment reminds us of the sweat and tears that go into creating something just to make us laugh for 30 minutes a week. 

the goldbergs, sean giambrone, abc, television, hollywoodFirst, Sean Giamcobe gave us a private tour of his TV house. Yes, little Adam Goldberg! He’s even more charming in person believe it or not. Then- get this- THE REAL Adam Goldberg appeared and talked to us about his pride and joy: this show that is based on his life growing up in the 80’s. Many of the vintage toys are his and if not, they are authentic (and expensive!) He puts some of the more special ones away each and every night so they don’t accidentally “disappear”. Smart guy. I did see an original Strawberry Shortcake doll that I wanted to pocket…

the goldbergs, television, abc, strawberry shortcake

the goldbergs, sean giambrone, abc, television, hollywood img_2498Wandering around the Goldbergs 80’s house I spied a peach ceramic swan meant for holding a rolled up washcloth and I flashed back to my own peach and teal 80’s bathroom. I totally gagged on a spoon, but then I walked down the hall to Erica’s room and looked into Christian Slater’s Tiger Beat eyes and I felt much better.img_2412We chatted with Sean and Adam in the dining room and Adam talked to us about his life growing up in the 80’s– recalling the days he’d ride his bike to his friend’s house on Friday and then show up back at home for dinner Sunday night. #TheGoodOlDays. I also learned fun secrets- such as: Beverly’s hair is a wig… and that wig cost 10 grand!


Next we headed down the way to the set of Dr. Ken.

Now I love me some Dr. Ken. If you haven’t seen it yet, please begin your obsession ASAP.

dr. ken, asian-american, hollywood, television, abc

One of my favorite things about this show is that it takes the exoticism out of being Asian-American. We are American. Plain old American. The Parks are goofy and deadpan and witty and sarcastic just like any other TV family.

Y’all know how passionate I am about Asian-American visibility in Hollywood, right? Spent a lot of time correcting yellowface… Fortunately, Ken and family done did it all right here. Nothing to fix, folks! Nothing to fix.

In tonight’s Halloween episode, Grandpa shares a scary and hilarious (scarelarious?) Korean ghost story- as Ken pointed out- “Probably the only time a Korean ghost story has been told on primetime television.” About damn time.

I couldn’t resist opening Dr. Ken’s fridge. Look what I found!

dr. ken, asian-american, hollywood, television, abcSuzy Nakamura grew up wearing shoes in her house, OK? My mom fed me meatloaf and tuna caserole. So the fact that there is MAYO in the Park family’s fridge makes perfect sense. Mayo in the fridge, rice cooker on the counter. Nothing more Asian-American than that.dr ken, asian-american, television, abcI tried to get a pic with Dave and Molly but they wouldn’t stop fighting!dr. ken, asian-american, television, abcJust kidding. Krista and Albert actually adore each other off-camera.

It’s extremely hard to get a show on the air. And it’s even harder to get a show about Asian-Americans on the air. After meeting the genius that is Ken Jeong I get why he’s the guy that did it. He’s brilliant and gifted- I mean, in addition to being an accomplished actor the man is also a practicing DOCTOR in real life. Get to know him more in this fantastic interview with Life Of Dad.

Thank you to the casts of The Goldbergs and Dr. Ken for entertaining us every week and giving us a peek into your lives. And please everyone tune in TONIGHT (Friday) to Dr. Ken’s Halloween episode at 8:30/7:30c and next Wednesday watch The Goldbergs at 8/7c. Both shows are on ABC!


C’mon. Dr. Ken as a hot dog.

Dr. ken, abc, hollywood, halloween episode

The Goldbergs, as usual, make me laugh hard and cry hard. So many feels in this one guys! #SiblingLove

the goldbergs, halloween episode, hollywood, abc

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