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Giant Bubble Solution

Over the years I’ve been to a few birthday parties where the parents hire “The Bubble Man” or some such persona, a professional bubble maker who entertains the kids with bubble tricks– including the one where the kid steps into the center of a kiddie pool and gets enveloped by a giant bubble. It’s always seemed magical to me, and I’ve wanted to do it at home but didn’t have a recipe.bubblesolution

Well, folks. I have been busy experimenting. The lab is splattered with suds. And today I share my fantastic giant bubble solution with you. 

Giant Bubble Solution

  • 6 gallons of water
  • 3 24 oz bottles of Dawn dishwashing liquid
  • 12 ounces of glycerin. (I purchased two 6 ounce bottles at Pharmaca. CVS did not have it.)

Try to stir without making bubbles. Let sit overnight. This recipe produced about 2-3 inches on the bottom of a kiddie pool. I put a small stool in the center of the kiddie pool for the kids to stand on so they wouldn’t get sticky. Then I pulled a hula hoop up from their feet to their head and they got to live in a magical bubble… for a split second.

Just like childhood, it doesn’t last long. But it’s fun while it lasts.

You can twist some pipe cleaners together to make giant bubble wands too. It’s great to have a big batch like this to get you through the summer. Those little bubble bottles always get knocked over, not to mention the plastic waste. The best thing about making your own solution is that at home you get to step into giant bubbles over and over and over. The Bubble Man only lets you have one turn.

So let’s go wrap those kids in some giant bubbles. While they’ll let us.

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