Flower Girl Tutu

There is nothing more versatile than a classic tutu. It easily transitions onstage to off. Day to evening. Grocery store to sand box.FlowerGirl1_TutuCollage

The tutu is appropriate in any setting in any season under any circumstance and is especially perfect if you are exactly three and three quarters years old.

Here is a flower girl tutu-torial for the tutus I made for my sister’s wedding. When I’m ready to deal with the huge amount of photos I took, I’ll share that gorgeous Nantucket wedding with you here.

This is a super easy (almost) no-sew tutu-torial for the most basic crafter. Seriously, if you’ve never made anything wearable, you can make this.

Flower Girl Tutu

What you’ll need:

  • Measuring tape
  • 1 3/4 inch elastic
  • Approximately  4-6 rolls of 25ft tulle (you can also choose from bolts of tulle (wider selection) but you will have to cut that into smaller-width strips.) I got my rolls at JoAnn’s.
  • Fabric shears


What to do:

Measure your little one’s waist.

Cut elastic and hand sew to secure. You now have a belt.

Measure desired length of skirt.

Double the length and add two inches. Cut strips of tulle this length.

Fold each strip and loop around the band.  Depending on the waist size and how full you want the skirt you might use 4-6 rolls of tulle.FlowerGirl2_TulleLoopingCollage

*Alternate waistband: You can also use ribbon instead of elastic. Satin ribbon looks beautiful with the tulle, but the benefit to an elastic waistband is that the kids can put them on and and take them off all by themselves without your help.

So, elastic band it is then.

You can always attach a bow to the elastic band after.FlowerGirl3

The tutus went beautifully with white leotards, white tights, white cardigans, gold shoes and high buns.FlowerGirl4

And now that the wedding is over they go with rainboots, crazy hair and smelly t-shirts.FlowerGirl5

Which, if you ask me, is even better.

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