Easy Hawaiian Vacation: Drums of the Pacific

We had a lot to celebrate in Maui. Our birthdays, our anniversary… the fact that it was our first Hawaiian vacation together as a family of four. So we went to the Drums of the Pacific luau at the Hyatt Maui and pretended it was just a big party for US.Hawaii_Drums Of The Pacific_1

We were treated like VIP’s, so we didn’t really have to pretend. 

Going to a luau is an emotional experience for me, because if you remember, I used to be a hula dancer with Makalina’s Hawaiian Express and The Tiny Bubble Band (straight outta Brooklyn!) Those were the days. I danced quite a few corporate events and bar mitzvahs. They would never hire me now, as I would need lots of water breaks and possibly, some kind of specialized medical attention.Hawaii_Drums Of The Pacific_2
The event began with beautiful leis and delicious mai tais but THE FOOD!  The food was the best I had had all week. I went up for fourths of that poke.

While we ate, the dancers put on a fun and informative fashion show teaching us different ways to tie sarongs.Hawaii_Drums Of The Pacific_3

Before you get your muumuu in a wad, just know there was something for everyone…Hawaii_Drums Of The Pacific_4

The show had tons of drama. Under the starlit sky, the performers gave a full tour of the pacific isles through ancient song and dance. At one point, the Tahitian princess (or, the prima hularina as we called her) entered on the shoulders of her subjects and proceeded to crush it on stage with some hip-shaking. I was so inspired and couldn’t wait for the moment when they called audience members up so I could shake it too.Hawaii_Drums Of The Pacific_5

But when they went around randomly picking people, they didn’t pick me. Because they always pick this guy:Hawaii_Drums Of The Pacific_6

For obvious reasons.Hawaii_Drums Of The Pacific_7

Maybe next time Ricky (or Kawikani) will let me be in the show. We’ll be back. We’re sold on you, Maui. And we’re sold on the yearly family vacation. Especially when it’s as easy as this Hawaiian vacation was.

Aloha, Maui. Thank you, Drums of the Pacific. Until we meet again. xo

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