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DIY Donut Wall

When my friend Abbie Schiller asked me if I’d help her make a DIY donut wall for her daughter’s bat mitzvah, I immediately cleared my calendar. “Now?” I begged. “Can we do it now, please?”I’m just kidding, I didn’t have anything on my calendar to clear. 

I was honored Abbie asked me to help her build this masterpiece for her teenager for this very exciting rite of passage. A bat mitzvah definitely calls for drama. And drama always calls for donuts. It was definitely time to make the donut wall.

Abbie showed up to my garage with a precut peg board and a bunch of dowels. While her perfect teenager played with my kids, we painted the pegboard and dowels a delicious pink (Pratt and Lambert “Pollyanna“), then cut the dowels to 3 inch pieces. The board held 99 pegs- 11 across, 10 down. It was a great excuse to hang out with a friend. While we crafted, we caught up on life- which is really crazy for both of us right now, but even more of a reason to make time for girlfriends.

donut wall

donut wallI was telling Abbie how I love to use the same canvas tarp for my projects so I can remember them by the stains they made. This one will leave pretty pink polka dots.

donut wall

donut wall

Just rub those rough edges on a piece of sandpaper and let dry on a piece of wax paper.

donut wall

Space ’em out however you like. Shape of a heart, arrow, initials…

After the paint dried, we took a few pictures. Then we ate the donuts. Level of difficulty, O.

Donuts are good. Walls of donuts, even better.

This kind of peg wall could be built for all kinds of other reasons. Bagels, ring toss game, key holder for a castle… What would you use it for?

Abbie is a very creative and high-powered mama, y’all. CEO of The Mother Company, she creates emotional learning TV shows and books for children. Ever hear of Ruby’s Studio? Check it out on Netflix– we are obsessed! Ruby is an artist and invites kids to her studio where they craft and talk about their feelings. Hey… that sounds kinda like what we did in my garage. Abbie- I got a pitch for ya!Stay tuned for final pictures of the donut wall at the big event!


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