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Crayon Collection Office Makeover

I’m so excited to share my latest project with you- the Crayon Collection office makeover! This tiny, windowless, 11 X 7 foot room was an empty canvas in the supercool BizHaus co-working space in Los Angeles. It needed to accommodate three desks and storage, and also be an inspiring and creative environment to work in every day. Eeeeeek!

Hard to believe but… mission accomplished! Watch the video and let me know what you think. 😉

The sign (AKA “Something Really Amazing”) started with two square shag rugs taped together. Then, I crocheted the longest i-cord ever and stuffed it with Dandoline wire. Finally, I wrecked my and bending and shaping the words Crayon Collection to get that neon-sign look. After nailing and gluing a thin strip of wood to the back of the rug, I screwed in some eye-hooks and hung with picture wire. I added some flowers from the 99cent store and attached a strand of lights with hidden butterfly clips. But of course, you’re welcome to assume the whole thing was drawn with one magic crayon. 🙂

crayon collection, office makeover, DIY

Crayon Collection, office makeover, DIY, design

The sunburst clock is a two-dollar IKEA clock surrounded by crayons in a mid-century color scheme. I used the cardboard box it came in as the base, spray-painted it gold, and hot glued the crayons to it. Glitter-covered chopsticks give it sparkle and dimension.

crayon collection, office makeover, DIY

Crayon Collection, office makeover, DIY, design, sunburst clock, starburst

The crayon decal wall is simply a bunch of crayon shapes cut out of gold and salmon contact paper. I used a paper cutter and then hand-cut the tips of each one. It didn’t take as long as you think it might have. Remember, it’s a small office!

crayon collection, wall decals, office makeover, DIY, contact paper crafts

crayon collection, office makeover, wall decals, DIY wall decals, makeover

The white Herman Miller desk was a hand-me-down from one of Sheila’s (AWESOME) friends. The other two desks were purchased at IKEA.

I bought the faux Zebra rug and teal desk lamp on Amazon, the cork tiles are from CVS (note: if you use these, buy additional mounting tape, the squares they come with have zero mojo.) I painted half of each of them with Benjamin Moore’s Love and Happiness.

crayon collection, office makeover, DIY, zebra rug, cork tiles, benjamin moore paint,

Finally, I scattered art and special tchotchkes around the room. I wanted the space to feel playful and positive. Working at a non-profit can be grueling. When fundraising is a major part of the work, it’s important to keep up morale. At the same time, I wanted it to feel cozy and calming. For that reason I kept the color palate soft and muted.

Crayon Collection, office makeover, DIY, design, macrame

Crayon Collection, office makeover, DIY, design


Crayon Collection, office makeover, DIY, design

crayon collection, DIY, office makeover, herman miller, sunburst clock, non-profit, makeover

The idea for Crayon Collection was sparked by founder Sheila Morovati’s daughter. After playing with crayons in a restaurant, Sheila’s little girl asked, “Mommy? Where do these go when I’m done playing with them?” Sheila had no idea. After looking into it, she was disturbed to find out that most restaurant crayons are thrown away after they’ve barely been used. Even more disturbing was learning that they do not decompose and end up in landfills. Meanwhile, children all over the world do not have access to ANY art materials.

Inquiry + Concern + Creativity led to the founding of Crayon Collection– a non-profit organization that collects and redistributes like-new crayons to under-served communities. They also create art programs for schools and partner with books and brands to spread their message of environmentalism and creativity. Their office might be small, but they do BIG things in it.

Crayon Collection, office makeover, DIY, designTo Sheila and all the folks at Crayon Collection- thank you! You took one child’s question and turned it into a MOVEMENT helping thousands of children! You inspire me. It truly was a pleasure to design this space for you. xo

For more information, visit

AND… if you’re interested in renting an office of your own in a super hip building with amazing free coffee, you MUST check out BizHaus.


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