Cooked Play-Doh

I’ve made some great non-cooked play-doh in my years as a mom. Non-cooked is quick and easy to do with kids, but I had always wondered if cooked was better. During a quiet moment while the kids were occupied in another room, I decided to try a cooked recipe by Goopy Gal.Cooked Playdough_1

Cooked play-doh felt more like name brand Play-Doh than any other recipe I’ve tried. Excellent texture and impressive longevity.

Early childhood educator Goopy Gal’s awesome cooked play-doh recipe is here. The key is to cook it long enough.  If it’s sticky it’s simply undercooked. Keep stirring until your arm gets tired. Really tired.Cooked Playdough_2

This play-doh became the centerpiece for Smalls’ Very Hungry Caterpillar Book Club playdate. The kids made hungry caterpillars and foods for the caterpillars to eat from these colors. It has been weeks since the playdate and the play-doh is still going strong.

It’s outside, of course. With dirt and rocks and leaves stuck in it. And stuck to the side of the yucca tree. And in the tread of my boots. But still, it lives.

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