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Yarnbomb 2015

Yarnbomb 2015 was a huge success. And by success I mean we honored women in history, the community enjoyed two weeks of eye-candy and when it was over, women living in shelters got some really pretty blankets for their beds. Also I did not fall out of a tree and die. See? Success.

yarnbomb, yarn, yarn bomb, homemademimi, village green, street art,, national women's history monthAt the crack of dawn on March 3rd, I headed to the Village Green with a few volunteers and did this crazy thing. Read all about why I did this crazy thing here. Check out the newspaper stories about the crazy thing I did here. For pics of the installation of the crazy thing keep scrolling…  Continue Reading…

Charity, Women, Yarn

Women of Yarnbomb

It started with one tree. I would just yarn bomb one tree. Just the trunk, in fact. While crocheting and listening to Aretha Franklin on Pandora, I decided to name that piece Aretha. As my plan evolved, I decided to also yarn bomb two more big trees and stuck with A for the first letter. Those became Amelia Earhart and Anna May Wong. (My sister-in-law knitted Amelia- one of the only knit pieces in the project.)

But then I just kept on going. I decided to also cover the smaller pear trees, the benches and the lampposts. To keep track of my work I continued to name each piece after a notable woman. And it became a way to honor women for National Women’s History Month, while creating yarn pieces that could become blankets for women living in shelters.Yarnbomb1

If I’ve learned anything in this process, it’s that there are many, many great women who have made history, many who are currently making history, and not nearly enough crap to cover in yarn. Continue Reading…

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Why I’m Yarn-bombing My Town

As a busy mom to little ones, I’ve been missing the days when I wasn’t responsible for anyone or anything. I’ve wanted to rebel. Spray painting graffiti feels a little too illegal, but covering a local park in soft, non-permanent yarn? THAT will be the perfect act of delinquency to satisfy my rebel heart.WhyYarnbomb1

I’ll do it guerrilla style. Don’t ask for permission, just ask for forgiveness, right?  

But wait. What if I’m ostracized from my tony community for being too crafty? What if I get arrested? If I’m going to take that kind of risk, this yarn bomb has to be FOR something…

So when the yarn bomb is over, the yarn pieces will be re-fashioned into blankets and my kids and I are donating them to homeless women and children. The yarn will serve multiple purposes: entertaining the community and helping the poverty-stricken. And my kids will have first-hand experience using art to make a difference in people’s lives. Win all around. Continue Reading…