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The Goldbergs and Dr. Ken!

A set tour of The Goldbergs and Dr. Ken! Eeeeeeee!!! Giant backdrops, stairs that lead nowhere, walls on wheels- I never tire of going behind-the-scenes and seeing how TV magic is made.

dr ken, television, hollywood, abc, asian-americanIt’s fun to visit our favorite characters’ homes— sift through their closets, see what’s in their fridge… and looking at all the studio equipment reminds us of the sweat and tears that go into creating something just to make us laugh for 30 minutes a week.  Continue Reading…

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Codependence Day

The Fourth of July is a big deal here. Like many neighborhoods across America, there’s a big parade and big barbecues and big fireworks. And in our neighborhood, the whole thing starts with a big race.Codependence Day_1

It’s a remarkable moment where it seems the entire community comes together in a Coca-Cola commercial kind of way, but the truth is, the whole day is a grind. I mean, the prepping of snacks and slathering of sunscreen, the dragging of children to and fro, dealing with lines and crowds and heat and ugh, port-o-potties…

My husband and I always end up having an argument on July Fourth. Continue Reading…

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Underwood Farms

This morning I went to the doctor for my first round of food allergy testing. I am officially allergic to tuna, shrimp, almonds, tomatoes, oranges, milk and eggs (among other things). There are people all over the world right now receiving news that they have a terminal illness or that a loved one has passed, or that they didn’t get released from prison even though their attorney PROMISED they’d win on appeal, so I say this with a bit of shame but… what am I going to do without oranges??Underwood_1


In my self-pity I took a walk down memory lane and came across these photos from our trip to Underwood Farms this summer. They reminded me of happier times. Continue Reading…

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Expressing Motherhood

Blogging is just one way to express my experience as a mother… now I’m taking the stage in Expressing Motherhood to perform it LIVE!Expressing Motherhood Banner

Lindsay Kavet and Jessica Cribbs created Expressing Motherhood back in 2008 during their children’s naptimes. Each year they sift through submissions from the parenting trenches and choose about a dozen for the show. The stories are heartbreaking and humorous, dramatic and delightful— and they’re performed by the women who wrote them. Continue Reading…

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How to Win on The Price is Right

Years ago, my best friend Lisa said something I never forgot: “I wanna be on The Price is Right!”

So for her birthday this year, I decided to help her knock this item off her bucket list. I clicked out of, clicked into and put 4 tickets in my basket. Careful what you say around me, people. I might hear you.Price Is Right_1

I was the one who got on stage, but Lisa was thrilled to have a story for the ages. And even though I didn’t go home with the car, the kitchen or the trip to France… I totally know what went wrong. Here’s how to avoid making the same mistakes I did and WIN on The Price is Right. Continue Reading…

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Chasing Independence

Look at this picture. That’s my daughter in the middle there. The short one. Blue sneakers. The one who politely but determinedly pushed her way to the starting line of the annual July Fourth Kid’s Fun Run.

The one with her fingers crossed.Chasing Independence_1

Now I don’t know why she’s crossed her fingers. Maybe she wants to win the race. Maybe she’s hoping for a rainbow shave ice when she’s through. Maybe she’s thinking what I was thinking– that those other kids are huge and hopefully they won’t trample her. Continue Reading…

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In My Eames!

I’d give up certain types of chocolate to live in a minimalist box like you see in the pages of DWELL magazine. Walls of glass, no clutter, nothing but a Barcelona chair in a room… Sometimes children appear in these photos, but come on, we know the truth: those kids are rented. Living minimally with children is impossible.Eames_1

Still, I can dream. And I can visit the Eames House whenever I want. 

As a lover of mid-century modern architecture, I have dreamt of visiting this house for years. Somehow, I failed to coordinate a day to go with my grownup friends so I figured I’d just take my kids. Look at those faces. What could go wrong? Continue Reading…

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The Gentle Barn

The kids had a day off from school today so a group of us took a private tour of The Gentle Barn. The Gentle Barn is an amazing rescue and rehabilitation sanctuary for abused animals. Through interaction with their animals, they teach humans empathy, compassion and kindness for all living things. Our preschoolers and toddlers are a great age for this, though they also work with inner-city youth, foster kids and special needs patients. You get to love on cows, horses, sheep, chickens, goats, llamas, and pigs.Gentle Barn_1

If you are in the least bit cranky, you won’t be after a visit here. Continue Reading…

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This Place is a Zoo

It’s Spring Break. The house is a mess. Perler beads all over the floor. Half-eaten cheese sticks mixed in with the Legos. Something sticky on the door knobs. I gotta get these kids outta here. Where should we go? I know! Let’s join the entire city of Los Angeles at the zoo!  Yes, the ZOO! The cages! The crowds! The horror! LET’S DO IT!

Am I the only one who loathes the zoo? Fortunately we had a few nice moments.  I’m going to tell myself the animals enjoyed our company, too.This Place_1

Way to start the day—my mom’s very first SENIOR discount!  Woo-hoo!  You go old girl! Continue Reading…