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Fall Fest Inspiration: Wendy Bellissimo

Last month I went to Club MomMe’s Fall Fest. It’s essentially a trade show for parents. The halls of the Bel Air Bay Club and its great lawn were filled with the latest and greatest in kid and baby products.Wendy Bellissimo_1

There were also discussion panels on family-related topics. I nestled into a seat for the Mom Entrepreneurship panel moderated by Today Show producers Alicia Ybarbo and Mary Ann Zoellner (authors of the hilarious book Sh*tty Mom). Panelists included Tamara and Tia MowrySamantha EttusJenni PulosAndrea Barrett and Wendy Bellissimo. Everyone shared something that got my creative cogs turning. But it’s Wendy Bellissimo’s story I’ve been thinking about every day since. Continue Reading…


Hidden Treasures

My 2-year-old doesn’t nap. Crazy, right? The truly koo-koo part is that at the end of the day instead of melting down like most children would, Vivi is a bundle of freaking joy. It ain’t natural. But today was different– lots of eye-rubbing and yawning– so I decided I’d nap her in the car.Hidden Treasures_1

Despite her history, I was pretty sure she’d fall asleep on the way to Topanga Canyon. Topanga is one of my favorite neighborhoods in LA mostly because of this thrift store: Hidden Treasures. I figured if she was still awake when I got there, I was destined to shop.Hidden Treasures_2

Lo and behold… There was still a fire in her eyes and a skip in her step.Hidden Treasures_3

Everything in this store speaks to me.  Buy me…. not her…. Hear that?Hidden Treasures_4

The walls speak too. Yikes! Look away. Wait– Is that Captain and Tennille?Hidden Treasures_5

My first find was this killer black peacock jacket (because I really am a 75-year-old former showgirl at heart. That, or Liberace.)Hidden Treasures_6

I also got this adorable yellow dress. I’ve always had a thing for bright prints and chinoiserie. Someday I’ll show you my collection of muumuus. My poor husband. What he endures.Hidden Treasures_7

I don’t know if feathers are in or out but I don’t care. These were five bucks and I’m obsessed with them.Hidden Treasures_8

Shopping with a rambunctious 2-year-old is like speed dating. There’s no time to waste talking to pieces you’re not attracted to. We were in and out with three purchases in 15 minutes. Boom! Fast, furious and frugal.Hidden Treasures_9

But the true hidden treasure in this trip was that moments after pulling out of the parking lot, Vivi finally fell asleep. Praise God!

It lasted 28 glorious minutes.