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Mott’s School Lunch Videos on PopSugar!

Thrilled to represent Mott’s school lunch videos on PopSugar! In our first video I talk about making school lunches fun- which might help get that food into our little ones’ bellies!

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Click here to watch the video on PopSugar: Creative Lunchbox Sandwiches!

May all the lunch boxes go out full and may they all come home EMPTY. Amen.

Do you have fun ideas to make school lunches fun? Tell us in the comments!

Happy Back-to-School everyone!


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Accidental Vagina

My daughter had a great idea: she wanted to start a book club! She decided the first book would be Junie B. Jones, 1st Grader: Aloha-ha-ha, perfect book to read the summer before heading into 1st grade.Accidental Vagina_1

I printed a list of discussion questions, planned on rainbow kebabs and Hawaiian-themed crafts, and at the center of the shindig… there would be a cake. A glorious volcano cake. How difficult could that be? I’d simply use the Wonder Mold we already owned— you know, the one you use to make the dress and stick the doll torso in the top? Only we’d stick sparklers in the top, frost it with chocolate, get some molten lava flowing down its sides and boom, done. Continue Reading…


Brownies, Dresses and Rare Comets

Bigs went back to school this week, which is crazy— it’s still summer! But I’m not complaining. Smalls and I have been spending a lot of special time together. She’s always been a daddy’s girl but I’m determined to make her mine, all mine.Brownies Dresses_1_foodstirspackageCollage

“How about we make some brownie popsicles today?” [Squeals]

Sometimes I play dirty.

Foodstirs sent me this adorable “Summer Popsicle Kit” that blends cooking and crafting. A perfect combo. It’s designed to let kids measure out the ingredients by themselves. It comes with all the dry ingredients, a wooden spoon, popsicle sticks, and the best part– natural sprinkles and food dye. Thank you, FOODSTIRS! Continue Reading…


Easy Soy Sauce Pasta

This morning the girls had a playdate over here so I had to make lunch for a bunch.Easy Soy Sauce Pasta

Easy Soy Sauce Pasta is a breeze to throw together and satisfies even the pickiest eaters.

This recipe is actually a variation on a dish my husband came up with: Pasta with Cucumbers and Nori. As I watched him pour soy sauce over penne I thought his creation reeked of bachelorhood. Then I tried it. As it turns out— it’s really good!

Since having children I no longer hold tight to snobbish rules about where you may and may not put your soy sauce. If it helps kids eat things they normally wouldn’t, I say— bring on the Kikkoman! Continue Reading…

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Kiki’s Latkes

Five years ago my friend Kiki shared her family latke recipe with me. I’ve been making them ever since.Potato Latkes_1

Thank you, Kiki. This insanely easy recipe makes the best latkes. It’s now a staple in our family and I’ll be passing it down to my grandkids just as your grandma Olga passed it down to you. Continue Reading…

Holidays, Recipes

Nine-Layer Halloween Kitty Cake

When considering how to make a Black Cat Halloween Cake, I arrived at the following conclusion:Nine-Layer Halloween Kitty Cake_1

Cats have nine lives. Their cakes should have nine layers. Duh!  

The only reason I pulled this together is because “May May” arrived yesterday. May is my cousin, but we say “sister” in Thai. As second-generation Thai-Americans, it’s never been clear to us what my kids are supposed to call her. Thais add prefixes to names based on the age of the parent of the person– it can get very confusing. But what is clear is that it’s not respectful to call an elder by her first name. So to address this issue we just added another “May” to “May” making her May May. Cute, right? Respectful. Asian. See, we’re so crafty we be makin’ names up. Continue Reading…


Mom’s Thai Fried Rice

When my mom was here, not only did she cook dinner every night, she also cleaned up after everyone. When she wasn’t cooking up a three course Thai meal, she was organizing my refrigerator and cupboards. When she wasn’t doing that she was running around town doing my errands. Let’s hear it for MOMS!  (Dad did his fair share too, more on that later.) My hard-working parents flew back east this morning. There is a pain in my heart and a rumble in my tummy.Thai Fried Rice_1

One of the first things my mom taught me how to cook was Thai fried rice. If there is ever a revision of How to Win Friends & Influence People I strongly suggest Dale Carnegie include a chapter entitled Learn How to Cook Thai Fried Rice and copy the recipe below. Continue Reading…


Pad Thai For Kids

Sometimes I watch my kids eating mac and cheese for the gazillionth time and I think, is this how a brain glitch presents? How come they never get sick of it? When is the scurvy going to kick in?

On Facebook, my cousins in Thailand post pics of the food they feed their kids—Pad Thai_1

Each dish is more exotic than the next… Continue Reading…