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How to Win on The Price is Right

Years ago, my best friend Lisa said something I never forgot: “I wanna be on The Price is Right!”

So for her birthday this year, I decided to help her knock this item off her bucket list. I clicked out of, clicked into and put 4 tickets in my basket. Careful what you say around me, people. I might hear you.Price Is Right_1

I was the one who got on stage, but Lisa was thrilled to have a story for the ages. And even though I didn’t go home with the car, the kitchen or the trip to France… I totally know what went wrong. Here’s how to avoid making the same mistakes I did and WIN on The Price is Right. Continue Reading…


Welcome to the Garden

So here we are. My first baby has started kindergarten. Surprisingly, I wasn’t as emotional as I’d expected to be on the first day. Sure, I got a little sniffly when I watched her reunite with her preschool buddies– just yesterday they were babies together. But when it came time to send Pearl off to her classroom I was too happy to cry. She’s wanted this for so long. She’s ready.Welcome to the Garden

With a quick kiss she ran off before my tears had a chance to drop.

After school, I asked how the first day went. Her response was, “I don’t know… but we had recess!” Each day she shares a little bit more. Usually the factoids are delivered with, “Mommy did you know that….” One day it was “gorillas are our cousins!”  Another day it was, “air makes you float!” But Thursday I was jarred by her announcement. “Mommy, if you bring a gun to school you get sent to the principal’s office.”

One week in, folks. Continue Reading…

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A WOMAN works on her laptop. A MOTHER sits nearby drinking a LATTE. HER BABY coos in a stroller.

ME: Stop looking at that baby like you want to eat it.

ME: But he’s so yummy!

ME: So have some chocolate. Chocolate stabilizes you.

ME: Hey listen…

ME: No.

ME: I just want to tell you something…

ME: I don’t have time for you. I’m busy writing this blog post.


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All I Can Muster

Some days the most I can muster is a microwave dinner and a shrill command to play outside. Somedays all I can muster is a shower. Somedays all I can muster is being there, quiet, watching them play without intervention, without judgement.Muster_1

Somedays all I can muster is a photo, so I can go back and revisit the moment at another time. Muster_2

This was one of those days. They ate that microwave dinner (scarfed it), they played outside (happily) and no one noticed my greasy hair.Muster_3
They never judged me for any of it, why should I?Muster_4

I’m going to click “publish” on this post wondering if I’ve written enough.  If it’s good enough.  If people will be upset that I didn’t do more.  Then I’m going to let that go.  This was all I could muster today.Muster_5

And it was awesome.


A Prayer for Boston

Today I decided to go down to the beach and say a little prayer for Boston. I don’t pray very often and when I do I usually don’t talk about it, but that’s what I did.  I prayed for the families affected by yesterday’s tragedy. I prayed for the people of my hometown, Boston.Prayer for Boston_1

I could’ve taken a run along the shore, but I’m not much of a runner. I took off my shoes and dug my feet in the sand.  It felt good.

My first waitressing job was at The Stage Deli on Boylston Street.  I was in college, living on my own and it was one of the most exciting times of my life.  Earning my own money! Spending my money on anything I wanted! Making my own choices felt good. Freedom was exhilarating. Years later I learned that my great-grandmother, an Irish beauty with fiery hair and a personality to match, made her living as a waitress… on Boylston Street. An incredible connection. Our choices led us both to that magical street.

Ours were just two of the millions of choices made on Boylston Street every day.  A choice to provide for one’s family, a choice to buy a new skirt, a choice to run a marathon… just because we can.

The choice to run on the beach, or not. The choice to pray or not. I take my freedom for granted.

I will still go to the mall. I will still take my kids to Disneyland. I still plan on seeing Justin Timberlake with my husband this summer.

I will choose freedom, not fear.

With my feet deep in sand I pray for our children. I pray for us.

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A is for Alligator Lizard

Last night LAFD employed 2 large firetrucks and 8 heroes to rescue me and my family from a wild animal. No one was injured and the animal was removed and returned to its natural habitat. My home, however, will never be the same.Alligator Lizard_1

Let me explain.

The children were in the bath. My husband, at work. I was in the dining room picking the spaghetti dinner off the floor when suddenly I was face to face with a ferocious… snake?  Iguana? Small Japanese dragon? Continue Reading…


Mama’s New Camera

I finally bought my first digital camera today.  A Canon Rebel T4i.New Camera_1OK, yeah, slightly better than the iPhone.New Camera_2

Maybe we can live without the pet snail close-ups… But can you believe we’ve kept these things alive for TWO WHOLE DAYS? Continue Reading…