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Mom Opening Barbies

I did something today that I don’t normally do. I made an unboxing video and posted it to YouTube. It’s called Mom Opening Barbies. You know those videos with kids, where they’re opening toys? So it’s like that. Only it’s me, a mom, opening the toys.

mom opening barbies I wasn’t paid to do it. I’m just genuinely excited about the new Barbies coming out. The fact that my girls can now see themselves in Barbie thrills me. The fact that Barbie now creates a wide range of skin tones that actually reflect the diverse environment in which my girls live thrills me. The fact that there are now four body types and not just one impossible ideal thrills me.  Continue Reading…

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Giant Bubble Solution

Over the years I’ve been to a few birthday parties where the parents hire “The Bubble Man” or some such persona, a professional bubble maker who entertains the kids with bubble tricks– including the one where the kid steps into the center of a kiddie pool and gets enveloped by a giant bubble. It’s always seemed magical to me, and I’ve wanted to do it at home but didn’t have a recipe.bubblesolution

Well, folks. I have been busy experimenting. The lab is splattered with suds. And today I share my fantastic giant bubble solution with you.  Continue Reading…

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Pool Noodle Fire Pit

Got pool noodles?

Pool Noodle Collage

Then you got a pool noodle fire pit!

Last night I caught my neighbor about to toss an old pool noodle in the trash. I was like, “Woah Nancy, can’t you see the possibilities? That’s about to become our Camp Winepekita Time Machine right there!”

The weather’s getting warmer and I thought it would be fun to make a camp in the backyard. Pitch a tent, sit around a fire and sing songs, roast marshmallows and tell ghost stories. And when mommy needs to run back inside to grab another beer, she doesn’t want to worry that a child is going to go up in flames.  Continue Reading…

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Selfie Dolls

I’m in demand. Like many of you, my day starts at the crack of dawn. On 6 hours of sleep we’re expected to handle hot skillets and operate vehicles and get shoes onto the correct feet. And of course there’s the love and attention everyone wants and deserves. But with a busy schedule and multiple kids, forget it– you’re lucky if you get a tiny piece of mommy. No one gets the whole woman. Ever.

In moments of exhaustion/guilt/frustration have you ever shaken your fists at the heavens and exclaimed, “I NEED A CLONE!”Selfie Dolls_1

Well, I have. And when no one answered my prayer I didn’t wallow in self-pity. Oh no. I sat down and did what any halfway-decent somewhat-crafty mommy would do– I made a selfie doll. Two selfie dolls, in fact. Continue Reading…