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Tulle Tea Party Tea Bags

We’re getting ready for Pearl’s Alice in Wonderland Mad Tea Party Un-Birthday. I made some pretty linens but when I placed an empty tea cup on the table– something was missing. I went through my scrap drawer and found some ratty tulle and random pieces of felt.Tea Bags_1

A snip here, a stitch there and these sweet tulle tea bags became the perfect finishing touch. Continue Reading…

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I remember the night Matt Weiner called the house to welcome Jonathan to his staff of writers for Mad Men season 4.

“Honey, it’s Matt Weiner!” I whisper-shouted. “NOT his assistant!”Trophy Wife_1-d

I was so happy for my husband. Madmen was the best show on television. His career was taking off. OK, the real reason for the twinkle in my eye? I knew we’d probably get to go to the Emmys. Hey, I’d spent the past 2 years as a stay-at-home mom and we had another bun in the oven. I usually had dirty fingernails and something crusty on my clothing. I was due for some glamour.

Flash-forward through a grueling year. We rarely saw each other. At the end of it all, Madmen had been nominated for Best Drama. My first feeling was happiness. The second was relief. The third feeling was intense anxiety.

I had nothing to wear. Continue Reading…

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Staci’s Sweet Baby Shower

I have the most fabulous friends. Staci Lawrence is one of them. Mother, actress, writer and co-founder of Flash Mob America, Staci has danced her way through 2 pregnancies and brought joy to thousands of people through surprise.Baby Shower_1

I remember Staci when she was someone else’s assistant. Now I’m lucky if I can get her on the phone during business hours. Continue Reading…


Wizard of Oz Party

Wizard of Oz Party_1


“Mommy! Mommy! Look at that MAN!”

“Oh! Wow! That’s a– he’s a dwarf, honey.”

“So, he’s like Dopey?”

“Well, no one likes to be called Dopey… anyway, Dopey’s animated. He’s more like a munchkin. Like in The Wizard of OZ.”

“So munchkins are real?”

“They prefer to be called ‘Little People’. Munchkin is just their character name. You know what? Forget I said munchkin.”

“Is he a REAL person?”

“Yes, he’s a real person. He’s just really small.”

“He looks like a kid! Only he’s Daddy’s age!”

(Overcompensating) “Yes, isn’t that interesting?! See how people come in soooooo many different shapes and sizes, honey?”

(Off, dreamily) “A munchkin. A real munchkin…” Continue Reading…