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Princess Leia Buns

Today I offer you: DIY Princess Leia buns! But before you get the wrong idea, let me be clear: these buns are not just for young children. I know this to be true because I made them. And I happen to be wearing them right now.


The force (and a little yarn and glue) is with me. Let me show you the way young Jedi… Continue Reading…

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Pi Party

It’s Pi Day, everyone! I am posting today to tell you that Pi Day doesn’t have to only come once a century. Math geeks and pie lovers unite…PiParty1_pipartycollageThrow a Pi Party!

It was my brother-in-law’s 50th and my sister-in-law wanted to honor him with a big bash. His nickname is “More Pi”, which works on a couple of levels: his wife makes a mean apple pie for which he is known to make frequent requests and he is a big time computer scientist. Continue Reading…

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How to Survive Science Fair

How to survive science fair? Answer: Tap into available resources. (Read: Siblings make great subjects.)Science Fair Cookie

Also,  find a way to incorporate cookies. 

Sunday afternoon, Bigs tells me she wants to submit a science project for the science fair which is happening… Monday morning. If this sort of last minute epiphany happens to your kid, you know— options are limited. It might be too late to go to the store. You definitely don’t have time to do anything that gets moldy or hatches or turns into a crystal palace. And for crying out loud, it’s Sunday! who really wants to be working on a science project when it’s a beautiful day outside? Continue Reading…


Recipe for Disaster

Today I’d like to share a modern take on a recipe that has been with my family for generations. This particular form of Disaster originated in Southern Babylonia and was etched into twelve ancient tablets before going viral on Pinterest just last week. I’ve adapted the recipe to fit our gluten-free diet, but all variables can be substituted with more or less the same results.Recipe For Disaster_1

Disaster is best served on a bed of fresh avoidance. Continue Reading…

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Meeting Mabel

You now how when you’re a kid and you say to your best friend, “One day our kids will be best friends” and then you grow up and they are? But somewhere in the middle you began to wonder if you were ever going to make it to babies or marriage or even adulthood at all? So you forgot that you said that until it actually happened and when it did it was like the world stopped and everything came into complete focus and you realize that life is perfect and so you cry, you just bawl like a little tiny baby?Meeting Mabel_1

That’s what it was like for me when my kids met Baby Mabel. Continue Reading…

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Codependence Day

The Fourth of July is a big deal here. Like many neighborhoods across America, there’s a big parade and big barbecues and big fireworks. And in our neighborhood, the whole thing starts with a big race.Codependence Day_1

It’s a remarkable moment where it seems the entire community comes together in a Coca-Cola commercial kind of way, but the truth is, the whole day is a grind. I mean, the prepping of snacks and slathering of sunscreen, the dragging of children to and fro, dealing with lines and crowds and heat and ugh, port-o-potties…

My husband and I always end up having an argument on July Fourth. Continue Reading…


Last Day of Kindergarten

For Wordless Wednesday I’d like to share this photo from Pearl’s Kindergarten culmination. She moved so quickly that day I didn’t get a shot of her receiving her certificate. I was bummed.Last Day of Kindergarten

But then I caught her blowing me a kiss.

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Ruby’s Red Carpet Birthday

The red carpet is traditionally reserved for an elite set— famous people, rich people, people with unusually large… sponsors.Red Carpet Birthday_1

But our friends Elizabeth and Michael rolled out a different red carpet when they threw their daughter Ruby a Red Carpet Birthday Party. It was a celebration of childhood, individuality and friendship.

The power of the red carpet was in the kids’ hands. Ruby made a walk of fame with stars for each of her friends. Continue Reading…


This Was Saturday

Today we had a family photo shoot with Stuart Townsley. I took this shot but I can only imagine what he got with his giant rocket booster camera.This Was Saturday_1

Best part– the session was 30 minutes long! Stuart worked fast before the kids started complaining about the cold and asking where their treats were. Continue Reading…