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Fall Fest Inspiration: Wendy Bellissimo

Last month I went to Club MomMe’s Fall Fest. It’s essentially a trade show for parents. The halls of the Bel Air Bay Club and its great lawn were filled with the latest and greatest in kid and baby products.Wendy Bellissimo_1

There were also discussion panels on family-related topics. I nestled into a seat for the Mom Entrepreneurship panel moderated by Today Show producers Alicia Ybarbo and Mary Ann Zoellner (authors of the hilarious book Sh*tty Mom). Panelists included Tamara and Tia MowrySamantha EttusJenni PulosAndrea Barrett and Wendy Bellissimo. Everyone shared something that got my creative cogs turning. But it’s Wendy Bellissimo’s story I’ve been thinking about every day since. Continue Reading…

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Artworks for Healing

So there we were in the car headed to Beverly Hills. My attire, cocktail. My mood, cheery. I glossed my lips, snapped my clutch and turned to my husband.Artworks for Healing_1

“So what’s going on? Are fundraising benefits the new “party” for us?”

It had been the second one in a row. The weekend before it was cancer. This one was domestic violence.

“Oh no,” he said, “I sure hope not.”

And then I saw what he saw: our lives as “youthful takers” receding into our past. “Generous donors” becoming the new normal.

What he might’ve said was: We’re officially old people. Continue Reading…

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Smiling it Forward

My little one has been sick. The other night, fever woke her up several times. At 3am Jonathan stumbled out of bed, grabbed a bottle of children’s Tylenol and headed down the dark hall to her room.Smiling It Forward_1

Two minutes later he came back, looking (and smelling) like he’d been caught in the crossfire of a cherry fight. “It was a disaster… she refused the medicine… she needs a bath…”

Today I attended a luncheon for Tylenol’s Smiling it Forward campaign. The deal is this: Find a photo of something that makes your smile. Upload it to Smiling it Forward and Tylenol donates $1 to  Children’s Health Fund. CHF provides medical care to children in need by driving into their neighborhoods in these kick-ass medical clinic buses. I mean seriously, we all upload so many photos to social media anyway, why not upload ‘em and earn a few bucks for a great cause? Continue Reading…

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Crafting Community

I overheard a few women talking about Crafting Community at a mommy event one night. Not only did they mention the words “crafting” and “community” together in the same phrase, they also mentioned “family” and “Palm Springs.” I pushed my way into their circle. “What is it? When is it? Can I come?”Crafting Community_1

Los Angeles artist Karen Kimmel and her partners, Stacy Bernstein and Tait Chatmon, are behind this magical event at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs. Their goal was to “create immersive experiences where families can play, grow and be together.” Unplugged, but connected to people, to art and to the beauty of the desert.

My busy little family needed this. Continue Reading…

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I remember the night Matt Weiner called the house to welcome Jonathan to his staff of writers for Mad Men season 4.

“Honey, it’s Matt Weiner!” I whisper-shouted. “NOT his assistant!”Trophy Wife_1-d

I was so happy for my husband. Madmen was the best show on television. His career was taking off. OK, the real reason for the twinkle in my eye? I knew we’d probably get to go to the Emmys. Hey, I’d spent the past 2 years as a stay-at-home mom and we had another bun in the oven. I usually had dirty fingernails and something crusty on my clothing. I was due for some glamour.

Flash-forward through a grueling year. We rarely saw each other. At the end of it all, Madmen had been nominated for Best Drama. My first feeling was happiness. The second was relief. The third feeling was intense anxiety.

I had nothing to wear. Continue Reading…