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Butcher Block Coffee Table

You already know that I don’t like spending a lot of money. You also know that I like nice things. Naturally, I like my things to look expensive even when they’re homemade.ButcherBlock1

So when I started thinking about a coffee table for our small living room area, I knew I wanted to make something unique, but would hold up to furniture found in fancy stores.

When this gorgeous vintage butcher block presented itself, I snapped it up. Continue Reading…

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DIY Paper Tassel Garland

While helping my friend make paper tassel garlands for her event Club Mom Me Fall Family Fest, I decided to make a video tutorial so that her staff could help us when they come in on Monday. Then I thought– why not make the video public? Et voila- Home Made Mimi’s first YouTube video! My husband did a great job shooting with my phone while the kids watched Mary Poppins in another room (gotta love that woman). I hope you all find this paper tassel garland super easy to make and string one together for your next party!

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The Case for a Pre-emptive Pinkalicious Costume

Smalls wanted to be Pinkalicious for Halloween. You know, the protagonist from the book where the kid eats too many cupcakes, turns pink and the only way to remedy the problem is to eat green foods?Pinkalicious_1

I was really hoping she’d choose to be Wonder Woman.  

I love Halloween but it stresses me out. Trying to get everyone fed, dressed and photographed before they run off. And no matter how much I’ve planned it out— when it’s time to take a picture, no one’s cooperative or it’s too dark or they’ve already run off with their friends to gather the first of the sweet treats. Even when I made the matryoshka costumes— those pics were taken on a off day, not on Halloween. Continue Reading…


DIY Washtub Bass

Last weekend we were invited to a Hootenanny by my good friends Shannon and Stacie of Mommytonk. They are silly and southern and swear a lot so I knew it would be a good time.DIY Washtub Bass_1

I felt inspired to bring a little extra somethin’. But I was all outta moonshine…

The hootenanny invitation said to bring our guitars, ukes and harmonicas. With our family in town and visions of jugbands, we decided to bring all our instruments plus a washboard, some cowbell and a homemade washtub bass. It was so easy to make so I’m sharing it with you today. Continue Reading…

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Kid-Friendly Sparklers

Happy Fourth of July, Fellow Americans! Before you fire up those bottle rockets and roman candles, don’t forget to let the little ones in on the action.sparklerscover

These kid-friendly sparklers are super easy to make and little digits will remain attached to little hands.

I don’t remember much about the Fourth of July as a 3-year-old– just a bunch of grown-ups talking in hushed voices about dangerous things. There may have been a few car rides from Massachusetts to more firework-friendly New Hampshire. I learned about “China” not because my ancestors came from there, but because the good stuff was made there. I also learned the difference between “legal” and “illegal.” Continue Reading…

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Kitchen Makeover: Painter’s Block

Why haven’t I posted about my fabulous low-budget paint-only kitchen makeover? Because a week after I painted my cabinets green I started to… [face in palms] hate them. Oh the shame! I was supposed to transform my kitchen into something like the inspiration photo of this Parisian flat.Kitchen Makeover_1

I felt like a failure.

And remember those 30-year-old GE ovens I raved about? Spoke too soon. Minutes after I published that post a gasket caught alight and rendered one unusable for Thanksgiving. I contacted GE. Naturally, they do not make replacement gaskets for ancient artifacts. Continue Reading…


Kick-Ass T-Shirt Tote

The ban on plastic bags went into effect Jan 1st in our Los Angeles neighborhood. Also, my husband cleaned out his closet.T-shirt Tote

These two events magically coincided to create a stack of very kick-ass t-shirt totes.  Continue Reading…