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Women of Yarnbomb

It started with one tree. I would just yarn bomb one tree. Just the trunk, in fact. While crocheting and listening to Aretha Franklin on Pandora, I decided to name that piece Aretha. As my plan evolved, I decided to also yarn bomb two more big trees and stuck with A for the first letter. Those became Amelia Earhart and Anna May Wong. (My sister-in-law knitted Amelia- one of the only knit pieces in the project.)

But then I just kept on going. I decided to also cover the smaller pear trees, the benches and the lampposts. To keep track of my work I continued to name each piece after a notable woman. And it became a way to honor women for National Women’s History Month, while creating yarn pieces that could become blankets for women living in shelters.Yarnbomb1

If I’ve learned anything in this process, it’s that there are many, many great women who have made history, many who are currently making history, and not nearly enough crap to cover in yarn. Continue Reading…

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Artworks for Healing

So there we were in the car headed to Beverly Hills. My attire, cocktail. My mood, cheery. I glossed my lips, snapped my clutch and turned to my husband.Artworks for Healing_1

“So what’s going on? Are fundraising benefits the new “party” for us?”

It had been the second one in a row. The weekend before it was cancer. This one was domestic violence.

“Oh no,” he said, “I sure hope not.”

And then I saw what he saw: our lives as “youthful takers” receding into our past. “Generous donors” becoming the new normal.

What he might’ve said was: We’re officially old people. Continue Reading…

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Smiling it Forward

My little one has been sick. The other night, fever woke her up several times. At 3am Jonathan stumbled out of bed, grabbed a bottle of children’s Tylenol and headed down the dark hall to her room.Smiling It Forward_1

Two minutes later he came back, looking (and smelling) like he’d been caught in the crossfire of a cherry fight. “It was a disaster… she refused the medicine… she needs a bath…”

Today I attended a luncheon for Tylenol’s Smiling it Forward campaign. The deal is this: Find a photo of something that makes your smile. Upload it to Smiling it Forward and Tylenol donates $1 to  Children’s Health Fund. CHF provides medical care to children in need by driving into their neighborhoods in these kick-ass medical clinic buses. I mean seriously, we all upload so many photos to social media anyway, why not upload ‘em and earn a few bucks for a great cause? Continue Reading…