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My (Before) Home Tour!

It’s time, guys. We’re remodeling our house, so I figure now is the time I should show you the BEFORE video. See what we’re starting with and watch our house transform over the next few months. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow along on this crazy renovation ride!

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DIY Donut Wall

When my friend Abbie Schiller asked me if I’d help her make a DIY donut wall for her daughter’s bat mitzvah, I immediately cleared my calendar. “Now?” I begged. “Can we do it now, please?”I’m just kidding, I didn’t have anything on my calendar to clear.  Continue Reading…

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Property Brothers’ New Book: Dream Home

Now might be a good time to let you in on a secret: we’re remodeling! Yup. We’re in the early stages- measuring, sketches, permits… but come November we’ll have to get into temporary housing because mama’s finally getting her upstairs master suite. Aw. yeah. We’re also pimping out everything else in the house- kitchen, bathrooms, windows and floors….

At least that’s the plan. I tend to get a little lost in the numbers. Let’s see how far we get with our budget. And then, you know me– I’ll DIY the rest.

If only I had JONATHAN and DREW from The Property Brothers to help me!  Oh wait– I do! I met them last night at Orchard Supply Hardware and got a copy of their new book- Dream Home The Property Brothers’ Ultimate Guide to Finding & Fixing your Perfect House. And I have another copy FOR YOU! I’m also giving away a $25 gift card from OSH so keep reading! Continue Reading…

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Home Made Mimi on YouTube!

Happy Summer, Everyone!

After DIY blogging for a couple years, I’ve received many requests for video tutorials. Well, folks, the day is finally here: check out Home Made Mimi on YouTube— (soon to be) chock full of valuable home improvement DIY videos! And silliness. Always silliness. For my first video, my friend Candie requested I do a tutorial on how to hang a flat screen TV. Excellent idea, Candie… but first we gotta find the studs! Please enjoy, share and subscribe!

And don’t forget to check me out on TLC’s What She Said airing this fall!

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United States Chalkboard Wall

How American are you? Are you American enough for a giant United States chalkboard wall in your dining room?USChalkboardWall1

I thought so.  

Years ago we hopped on the chalkboard wall wagon, and loved every minute of it. Then we changed things around, and the next minute we knew, the living room was the dining room and the dining room was ready for something a little different. I thought maybe create a shape, make it a different color…USChalkboardWall2 Continue Reading…

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DIY Farmhouse Table

In the first trimester of my second pregnancy I started to nest. We were sitting around our tiny IKEA table having dinner: my husband Jonathan, my cousin Nigel (visiting), my then 2-year-old and me. The guys are both over 6 feet tall. The 2-year-old just took up a lot of room period. And I would eventually gain 50 pounds. Elbows bumping as we gnawed our cobs of corn I thought, we’re gonna need a bigger table.Farmhouse Table_1

Impulsively, we went to Design Within Reach and laid down plastic for an award-winning table and some la-di-da chairs. But it didn’t sit well, if you will. We needed the money for other things—like the mortgage. So as soon as we left the store I called up and cancelled our order. Why are the good-looking tables so freaking expensive? We’re just talking about wood and screws, right? Continue Reading…