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My Adventures Correcting Yellowface

OK you guys. This might be my favorite DIY project ever. It’s personal. And it’s weird. And I’m a little giddy about it. Excuse me while I go giggle behind my delicate Asian hand. 😉 It’s called Correcting Yellowface.

correcting yellow face, michelle villemaire, asian, diversity, hollywoodA few weeks ago, in a fit of frustration over the history of Hollywood whitewashing, I felt an urge to do something. I started taking pictures of myself. Not just random pictures. I took pictures of myself as Asian characters who were played by white women in film. And it felt sooooo good.

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Mom Opening Barbies

I did something today that I don’t normally do. I made an unboxing video and posted it to YouTube. It’s called Mom Opening Barbies. You know those videos with kids, where they’re opening toys? So it’s like that. Only it’s me, a mom, opening the toys.

mom opening barbies I wasn’t paid to do it. I’m just genuinely excited about the new Barbies coming out. The fact that my girls can now see themselves in Barbie thrills me. The fact that Barbie now creates a wide range of skin tones that actually reflect the diverse environment in which my girls live thrills me. The fact that there are now four body types and not just one impossible ideal thrills me.  Continue Reading…


Easy Summer Hair with Adir Abergel

It’s Summer. How are you wearing your hair?Adir Abergel

A few weeks ago on Good Day LA, Hollywood Hairstylist Adir Abergel demonstrated how to do an easy summer updo… on me!

In case you didn’t notice, I am not a 14-year-old waif. Get this– Adir chose two real women to be his models. (Although, I question my gorgeous, tall, blonde friend Darien’s “realness.”)

Oh, and this isn’t our first time at the Adir Abergel Good Day LA hair rodeo either.

Last time, Adir demonstrated Jessica Biel’s beachy waves on me and Gwenth’s messy bun on Darien. Basicially, he’s shown the world how he does his celebrity clients up… for free.

Adir is touring the globe this summer– Cannes, Istanbul, Hong Kong… Follow him on IG to see the hair magic he’s leaving in his wake.

*Makeup by Kirin Bhatty.

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What to Wear to a Lesbian Wedding

What do I wear to a same-sex wedding when I am encouraged to dress creatively?Lesbian Wedding_1

Short answer: It really doesn’t matter what you’re wearing when there’s a bride in the room, never mind two brides.

In April we held an impromptu practice wedding for Jenny and Candie in our backyard. Last week they tied the knot for real– yay!

These ladies are sharp dressers. I’d describe Jenny’s style as glamorous and smart. Some silk, some bling, some glasses with sparkles. Sophisticated, feminine and strong. Candie is casual and cool— pants and button-downs, bow ties and jackets. A soft color palate. She chooses wholesome and approachable patterns— gingham, pinstripes, polka-dots. You might say Jenny is a little bit Ginger and Candie is a little bit Mary Ann. Continue Reading…

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Trophy, Wife

I remember the night Matt Weiner called the house to welcome Jonathan to his staff of writers for Mad Men season 4.

“Honey, it’s Matt Weiner!” I whisper-shouted. “NOT his assistant!”Trophy Wife_1-d

I was so happy for my husband. Madmen was the best show on television. His career was taking off. OK, the real reason for the twinkle in my eye? I knew we’d probably get to go to the Emmys. Hey, I’d spent the past 2 years as a stay-at-home mom and we had another bun in the oven. I usually had dirty fingernails and something crusty on my clothing. I was due for some glamour.

Flash-forward through a grueling year. We rarely saw each other. At the end of it all, Madmen had been nominated for Best Drama. My first feeling was happiness. The second was relief. The third feeling was intense anxiety.

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