Brownies, Dresses and Rare Comets

Bigs went back to school this week, which is crazy— it’s still summer! But I’m not complaining. Smalls and I have been spending a lot of special time together. She’s always been a daddy’s girl but I’m determined to make her mine, all mine.Brownies Dresses_1_foodstirspackageCollage

“How about we make some brownie popsicles today?” [Squeals]

Sometimes I play dirty.

Foodstirs sent me this adorable “Summer Popsicle Kit” that blends cooking and crafting. A perfect combo. It’s designed to let kids measure out the ingredients by themselves. It comes with all the dry ingredients, a wooden spoon, popsicle sticks, and the best part– natural sprinkles and food dye. Thank you, FOODSTIRS!

Smalls loved mixing the batter and sticking the popsicle sticks into them when they came out of the oven. The only hard part was waiting for them to cool and freeze before we could eat them.Brownies Dresses_2

But it was worth the wait. These were hands down the best brownies I’ve ever eaten. I just might’ve made it to Smalls’ heart through her little buddha belly.

Oh, and that adorable apron dress she’s wearing? It’s handmade in Australia by Bubba N Boo Boo. She’s worn it for four days straight. Bigs has this similar dress but I’m saving it for school picture day. The next best thing to handmaking something yourself is having someone else hand make it for you.

I love sharing things that make my life easier and more beautiful. I will remember Foodstirs kits and Bubba N Boo Boo at holiday time!Brownies Dresses_3 bubbanboobooCollage

After we devoured a few frozen brownies, I watched my baby sing and dance on the hearth and I thought— this is kinda how it’ll be when Bigs goes to college and Smalls is the only kid in the house for three years. Just us.

This time we have together is a rare comet that only comes twice in a lifetime.

But I can’t imagine the second time will be this sweet.

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