Alice In Wonderland Un-Birthday Tea Party

This year we kept Pearl’s birthday party small…Alice In Wonderland_1

…but fancy.Alice In Wonderland_2

Once she said she wanted a tea party— a real tea party, I knew I didn’t want a bunch of plastic tableware. Since my girls happen to love tea, and parties, I figured investing in 15 ceramic tea cups makes sense for us. And the environment.Alice In Wonderland_3

They came from IKEA so they didn’t break the bank. I made the linens, which I wrote about here.Alice In Wonderland_4

The chalkboard wall got a birthday update.Alice In Wonderland_5

Snippets from Alice in Wonderland and tulle tea bags would keep them occupied while the Mad Hatter and friends fetched their tea.Alice In Wonderland_6

Vivi was the Cheshire Cat (that grin!) And I wore the fluffy hat.Alice In Wonderland_7

Last but not least, I made some face-in-holes from old cardboard boxes. As you know, I find cut-outs exceedingly entertaining.Alice In Wonderland_8

After hours of prep(!) we were finally ready for guests.

They came in proper tea attire, of course. Our British friend wore this adorable skirt by Boden.Alice In Wonderland_10

And the snippets were read! Curiouser and curiouser…Alice In Wonderland_11

Alice in Wonderland Un-Birthday Tea Party Menu:

  • Candy cane green tea
  • Hummus and cucumber tea sandwiches
  • Peanut butter and jelly tea sandwiches
  • Double chocolate kale muffins with “mushroom” frosting
  • Baskin Robbins mint chocolate chip ice cream cake

Alice In Wonderland_12

It took an army of us to meet the needs of our little tea-partiers. “Could you please pass the honey?” and “More sugar cubes, please!” were frequent requests. We also had to drop ice cubes in their cups so they didn’t burn their little tongues and provide lemonade for those who were tea-averse. Check out my man waiting on 15 little girls. Piece. Of. Cake.Alice In Wonderland_13

Speaking of cake, no one turned it down.Alice In Wonderland_14

One guest even told me the cake and the tea were “green so…. good for ya.” Each tea-partier made the health conscious choice to have both the cupcakes and the cake.Alice In Wonderland_15

For favors, we put 3 scoops of peppermint hot chocolate in mason jars and dropped in marshmallows. At home, guests just add hot water or milk.Alice In Wonderland_16

Pearl, aka The Loom Master, also made Rainbow Loom bracelets with “wear me” tags.Alice In Wonderland_17

I love our neighborhood. These amazing teenagers come over for every birthday party and entertain the kids. The sugar rush was no match for them.Alice In Wonderland_18

Alice In Wonderland_19

Alice In Wonderland_20

Alice In Wonderland_21

At craft time the kids cut out red hearts and made barrettes and necklaces.Alice In Wonderland_22

At the end of each birthday party I ask Pearl what her favorite part was. Her answer is always: “The Piñata.”Alice In Wonderland_23

You could fill that thing with coal (ours had fruit leather and Snackimals) and they would still rush to it. And someone always ends up in a pool of tears. Piñata time is high drama.Alice In Wonderland_24

You already know what my favorite part was.Alice In Wonderland_25

Eventually the tea-partiers went home. Wonderland wound down. The Mad Hatter played some tunes and Mama Rabbit put up her paws.Alice In Wonderland_26

They get so excited about their birthdays, don’t they? Pearl had talked about this for months. Her special day. To be a whole year older. As each party rolls by we can’t believe that she’s already 1, 2, 3… and now 6. And every year my heart breaks.Alice In Wonderland_27

The UN-birthday theme makes perfect sense… for parents.

I want to make time stop. Make it UN. Make now last forever.

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