About Mimi

Mimi was my childhood nickname. “Screaming Mimi” to be exact. My grown up name is Michelle Villemaire. Nice to meet you.

I like to make things. I don’t like to measure, plan or wait. Also, I don’t like to clean up after I’ve made a mess. But I do like for things to be cleaned up. That’s for sure. I really like things spotless. When no one else cleans up and I have to do it myself I grumble and kick cans around. Sometimes I’ll put things away without washing them first, which makes them really difficult to reuse later. Like paintbrushes. Paintbrushes are a real problem for me.

One day I’ll grow out of my childhood nickname. Just not today.

Michelle Villemaire is the DIY mom on TLC’s new show What She Said, an Expressing Motherhood alum, and a lifestyle contributor to HuffingtonPost, Babble and Momdotme. Subscribe to her YouTube channel where she posts DIY projects as well as videos to help you take charge of your garage!