A Bag of Honest

Last week I went to the Honest Company’s 2nd birthday party in their beautiful new workspace in Santa Monica.Honest_1

I met the lovely Jessica Alba and fellow co-founder Christopher Gavigan. I also had some great cake. Yes, that’s a faux bois layer.

We took some peaceful selfies….Honest_2

And Christopher gave me a tour of their gorgeous offices.Honest_3

I want to work here!! Maybe I’ll have to settle for painting something in my home “Honest Blue.”Honest_4

In the common areas, guests enjoyed cocktails, hors d’oerves, and the best part: a giant display of Honest products— all for the taking. It was so much fun; it felt like shop-lifting!Honest_5

(Not that I would know what that’s like but you know what I mean.)Honest_6

I loaded my empty tote with goodies. And while I still haven’t unpacked it, (I’ve been busy performing in Expressing Motherhood— only one more weekend!) I am looking forward to trying an array of chemical-free, plant-based Honest products: conditioner, multi-purpose cleaner, dish soap, bar soap, dryer sheets and more.

Why am I so excited about these new home and baby products?

When I was pregnant I didn’t stand in front of microwaves. Didn’t pump my own gas. Didn’t get my hair colored or my nails done. Safety is one thing (definitely avoid bungee jumping), but it’s a little embarrassing how much I went out of my way to avoid electromagnetic radiation, fumes or anything that might damage my unborn children in the slightest of ways. If someone had written an article about the dangers of swearing during pregnancy my hormonal rants would’ve been filled with a lot of “fudge”.

When my babies, now 6 and 3, were infants, I made baby food and used cloth diapers. And I’ve continued to buy natural bath and cleaning products because they’re good for my kids and good for the environment.

But the whole time I was bending over backwards for my kids health, I never realized that I would be the one needing these chemical-free products.

Tomorrow I’m heading to an allergist, the fourth doctor in my quest to discover what is causing an on and off rash since October. My dermatologist thinks it’s contact dermatitis— something in my environment, a cosmetic, a shampoo, a preservative…we’re not sure yet. More will be revealed in future tests.

Until this point I’d never had allergies. I’ve been able to eat anything and everything, use any household cleaning products, slap on the most chemical-laden cosmetics. But then, as we all know, our bodies change after having kids…. in many ways. And the more we expose ourselves to allergy-causing agents, the more likely we are to develop an allergy to it.

So here we are. A new chapter in my life, where I purchase the same non-toxic products for our entire home and family. No more leaving myself out of the equation.Honest_7

Thanks for the bag of Honest, Jessica and Christopher!

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