2 Brides And A Broom

Yesterday our dear friends Jenny and Candie came over. During dinner we asked about their wedding plans. The good news— their ceremony will be held in the Redwood Forest! The bad news—the guest list will be limited to close family. I nodded my head encouragingly and said we understood. We were there once, too. If we invite these people then we have to invite those people and then we won’t have enough space for these other people… Still, I was bummed we wouldn’t be celebrating with them. I like me some wedding.2 Brides_1

Then, during dinner Jenny mentions that they set their wedding date for exactly one year from today. My ears perk up—what a perfect excuse for a dry run! Get the dress up clothes, girls!2 Brides_2

Dinner was Israeli quinoa, broiled salmon and sweet potato fries. Pumpkin pie for dessert. So what if it’s Spring? Pumpkin comes in a can for a reason!2 Brides_3

The brides were properly coiffed and veiled…2 Brides_4

We even had a hot wedding singer!2 Brides_5

Sometimes it was unclear whose pre-wedding pretend run-through this was…2 Brides_6

Despite my explaining many times that they were marrying each other, Pearl asked, “Who’s going to be the groom? We need a groom.” (stubborn heteros!)2 Brides_7

“We aren’t having a groom,” Jenny said. “But how ‘bout a broom?”2 Brides_8

Props for the pun, Jenny!2 Brides_9

2 Brides_10

There was plenty of tulle-ing around after…(sorry, couldn’t help it.)2 Brides_11

2 Brides_12

2 Brides_13

Sometimes you just gotta make the party happen right then and there.2 Brides_14

We wish Jenny and Candie all the joy in the world.  From our family to theirs.

Oh! One more thing: We will be walking with Jenny and Candie for the Make a Wish Foundation’s “Walk for Wishes” Saturday July 13th. Please join us on TEAM GRATITUDE!

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