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Our Chrysler Pacifica Road Trip!

Jonathan swung the door open and threw his hands up. “No work this weekend!”

For real? I rarely hear those words from my husband. I checked the family calendars. No girl scout meetings. No birthday parties. No project deadlines for me either. We were free to hit the open road!

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Lucky me, Chrysler had a brand new 2018 Pacifica for me to review.  Continue Reading…

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DIY Fall Gourds

Oh my GOURD! I got to reconnect with my favorite people at Home & Family to talk FALL today! Like, how over summer I am, and how ready for cozy sweaters and football games I am. And also, decorating for fall. I’m so ready for that too. Specifically, with gourds. Yes, GOURDS!

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My (Before) Home Tour!

It’s time, guys. We’re remodeling our house, so I figure now is the time I should show you the BEFORE video. See what we’re starting with and watch our house transform over the next few months. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow along on this crazy renovation ride!

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What is Foreplay?

In February 2015 I performed in Expressing Motherhood– an amazing stage show where people tell personal stories about motherhood. While backstage I asked my castmates a question:

What is foreplay to you?

I have no idea why I asked this question. It must’ve seemed hella creepy since I was a stranger to most of them. But anyway… here are their answers:   Continue Reading…

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How to Handle Night Terrors

The past two nights Smalls (age 6) has woken up terrified. Crying, yet still sleeping. We take her to the bathroom, we comfort her, we put her back in her bed. Even though she falls back to sleep, she continues to wake up throughout the night. And she’s completely spooked when she cries out–  like she’s seen the Boogeyman up-close-and-personal. We feel helpless when it happens, and nothing we do seems to help. It also disrupts her sisters sleep, with whom she shares a room. This morning, exhausted after two nights of hell, I realized I had a friend I could call: Heather Turgeon, sleep expert and co-author of the book The Happy Sleeper!

Don’t you love when you have a problem and then you realize you have a friend who’s an expert in solving that exact problem?   Continue Reading…

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Happy AAPI Heritage Month!

A while ago the incredibly talented Luvvie Ajayi wrote a post about Black History Month announcing that it shouldn’t be celebrated just ONE month of the year, but all year long. The words she pairs with the months are beautiful and empowering: Mahogany May… Onyx October… Sable September…

I wanted to make a similar calendar for Asians, but became stumped about how to name the months to suit us. Asians (like black people) span the color spectrum from light to dark. Would I use the word yellow to describe the color of our skin? No. Yellow is often used to describe people in a derogative way. Besides, try looking up synonyms for yellow. Mustard? Flax? Jaundiced?

There is nothing empowering about jaundice.   Continue Reading…

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DIY Donut Wall

When my friend Abbie Schiller asked me if I’d help her make a DIY donut wall for her daughter’s bat mitzvah, I immediately cleared my calendar. “Now?” I begged. “Can we do it now, please?”I’m just kidding, I didn’t have anything on my calendar to clear.  Continue Reading…

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The Arrangement on E!

Years ago, I was a bartender at this hotel. Jonathan Abrahams would pick me up in his beat up Jetta at 2am and I’d put my feet on the dash and count my dollar bills. That Jetta had permanent moisture in the windshield. Even when it was dry outside. It made no sense. How did it get there? How could he even drive that thing- you couldn’t see out the damn windshield! Anyway…

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He doesn’t have the Jetta anymore, but twelve years later he does have a giant mural for his TV show on the side of the building.   Continue Reading…